Wesley Stromberg. Amazingly talented and sexay guy with a heart of gold and the cutest smile + his awesome band EMBLEM3 with two other crazy talented dudes Drew Chadwick and Keaton Stromberg. Can't get enough of their inspiring music and positive vibes #TeamInspire

Be Love ♫
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"EMBLEM3 is a band with a fresh new vibe of reggae pop, hip hop and jazz. Comprised of 3 young, brilliant musicians and vocalists." also cant forget the talented former band members Kenny and Kyle!


I love this photo so much💝 ~ Ama 

❝ Bless me with a heart of gold, a positivity and a story to be told ❞

- Emblem3 (via letslovewesley)


YASS WHO DID THIS💀 @wesleystromberg #wesleystromberg



@DrewChadwickE3: Me @wesleystromberg and @KeatonStromberg making music ourselves again like how it should be. And let me tell ya. Gold  


Here we have a girl with perfect timing with her heart and Drew looking like he wants to be in Mumford and Sons


@drewchadwickmusic: Cali Nights ☯ 
❝ Genuine smiles are truly contagious. When you truly smile, time stands still. Nothing matters. You’re here. Present. That’s the gift. ❞

- Drew Chadwick (via wessytooturnt)

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